The Independent Water and Power Project is expected to be developed over five phases at the Az-Zour site. The overall project will have a total capacity to generate 4,800MW of electricity and approximately 280million imperial gallons per day (MIGD) of desalinated water.

The demand for electricity in Kuwait is expected to increase rapidly at a rate of about 7.6 per cent per annum until 2020 against the backdrop of fast economic growth. Under these circumstances, the country laid down the policy of promoting infrastructure development, including for power, by introducing the vitality of the private sector. This Project will be implemented under such policy of the country, and there are high expectations for it as the country’s first public private partnership (PPP) power and seawater desalination project.

The power plant will be constructed on a greenfield site, owned by the State of Kuwait, adjoining the existing Az-Zour South conventional thermal power plant. The Az-Zour South plant is expected to be upgraded to a combined-cycle power plant by 2014.

Gas Fired Az-Zour North Power Plant

The 1,500MW Az-Zour North Power plant will be based on combined cycle gas turbine technology using heat recovery steam generators and steam turbines. The turbines will generate electricity using natural gas as primary fuel and fuel oil (gas oil) as back-up fuel. Fuel requirements of the plant will be fulfilled by MEW.

MEW will deliver natural gas for the power plant operations via a new 40in. pipeline to be constructed by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), while the gas oil will be delivered via a new 16in. branched pipeline, connected to a new 24in. pipeline to be constructed by KOC.The new power plant will share common gas oil fuel facility, product water common header, outlet culverts and outfall, and connection to the 400KV substation with all other plants at the Az-Zour site.


The power plant (excluding the sub-station)

  • 1539.2 MW in net contracted power capacity
  • Combined cycle gas turbine: natural gas as main fuel and gas oil as backup fuel
  • 5 GE GTG 9F-3 turbines generating 225.8 MW each
  • 2 GE STG D1 turbines generating 251 MW each

Az-Zour North Water Desalination Plant

The desalination plant will comprise a multiple-effect distillation (MED) unit capable of producing 107 million imperial gallons per day (MIGD) (486,400m³/d) of drinking water, which is equivalent to 20% of Kuwait’s installed water treatment capacity.

The MED process to be implemented for the treatment of seawater at Az-Zour North is popular for its ability to adapt to fluctuations in water demand.The feed water for the desalination plant will be sourced from the Persian Gulf and will be conveyed for distribution via a new intake system to be constructed for desalination and cooling purposes. A connecting structure to the existing discharge system will be built simultaneously.Both the intake and discharge systems will be shared facilities for all the phases to be developed at the Az-Zour North site.

The power required for running the facility will be supplied from the Az-Zour North power plant.The distillate water will be re-carbonated before it is delivered to a water distribution complex (WDC) reservoir through four new pipelines to be constructed by MEW. A new 400kV substation will be constructed by the developer to discharge the generated power.


The water plant and associated facilities

  • 107 MIGD net water output, MED technology
  • 10 SIDEM MED units generating 10.84 MIGD each
  • Connection to water


Shared Facilities (for Az-Zour North site future phases):

  • Common gas pipeline
  • Gas oil receiving station
  • Gas oil storage area
  • Common discharge basin, seawater outfall culverts
  • Product water common header and downstream pipes